Kitting, or display assembly services as it might be called, involves the packing together of various items to supply the customer with a single unit.

For example, imagine you’re a video retailer and you’re shipping a popular movie trilogy. Most of the time you sell movie “A” separate from movie “B” and “C,” but you offer a special deal for customers so that when you buy movie “A” and “B,” you get movie “C” for free. Kitting services allows your storage facility to combine those separate movies into one great set.

Instead of shipping three different packages from your warehouse, you’re now combining all separate items into one package for its final destination. By shipping fewer total parcels, you greatly reduce the risk of shipping errors you might face. One package is also easier to ship than three so you will save on transportation fees and any storage fees you might encounter.


Kitting provides the following benefits:

  • More efficient inventory management
  • Fewer purchase orders
  • Less stocked items
  • Lower inventory carrying costs
  • Reduced space costs (maintenance, utilities, taxes, insurance)
  • Custom kits for high-usage components
  • Critical parts availability


Ordering, handling, packaging and storing service parts can be very time consuming and expensive. Laney and Duke’s comprehensive kitting services reduce your handling costs at the point of use, minimize storage space and inventory carrying costs, while providing a cost-effective solution that ensures all needed parts are available in stock.

Laney and Duke has been providing value-added services in the supply chain since 1929 and has continuously reviewed customers needs to help make them more profitable. We are committed to continuous improvement throughout the enterprise and will deliver industry best practices, such as kitting, to streamline operations and reduce costs with measurable results.