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Simply put, cross-docking services involves transferring your cargo from an incoming shipping medium to a different, outgoing shipping medium with little or no time spent in storage. This service exists for a few reasons: changing shipping methods, sorting materials for different destinations, or combining materials from different origins for a similar destination. Cross-docking is also sometimes referred to as trans-loading or stripping, but the goal is always the same—quick shipment of your inventory.


Cross-docking is the perfect option for customers who wish to remain competitive within their market while also decreasing their operating expenses.

The benefits of cross-docking is really evident in the amount of money it saves your company. As cross-docking is all about speed and efficiency, there is little downtime where your inventory is stuck sitting in a warehouse but still costing you money. Less downtime means less labor costs and inventory holding costs. Since the product is almost always moving towards its destination, you’re paying for what you need: the shipping of your goods. With effective use of this shipping tactic and enough pre-planning, it is entirely possible you could eliminate your warehousing costs entirely.

For retail practices, cross-docking operations are often housed in specialized staging areas where inbound materials are sorted, consolidated, and stored briefly until the outbound shipment is completely ready to ship. These grouping areas help to sort and ensure proper delivery while also consolidating your inventory into fewer shipments to best help reduce your shipping expenses.


Laney & Duke offers everything you need for cross-docking services in Jacksonville, FL including drayage to and from the Jacksonville ports. Whether it’s stripping full trailer loads or trans-loading onto overseas containers or stripping full container loads for domestic delivery, Laney & Duke has you covered. No matter your shipment or needs, Laney & Duke can meet your unique supply chain requirements.

Let Laney & Duke handle your cross-docking needs in Jacksonville FL to truly see how this tool can help you maximize the efficiency of your operation. Call today for a quote.