murray D.
LoadedGreat time
Hector V.
Mike C.
Fast unloading. Less than one hour.
Vincent J.
German U.
Good warehouse. Working fast.
Rhonda M.
tech C.
Friendly staff super fast loading, big parking space , lady in check in is very nice 👍 and clean warehouse 👌
Terry S.
Nice people. Loaded me fast. You will have to count your freight before they load you. Go thru gate. Check in docks rhs. Then i went back out gate. Backed in off the street. Appt only
Wayne S.
Spencer M.
The warehouse manager Fran is AWFULLY RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL , I have never encountered someone as rude as this lady is , not to mention her girlfriend Patty is no better ,they are single handedly ruining this company and this company would be better off without her and Patty especially in a position of power.
Martina S.
I start working here Tuesday🙏
Keith R.
William B.
Unload time are by appointment only... Only gripe I have is the woman checking you in. She's very adamant about mask. Most places you go aren't requiring masks. This is the only place I go to that requires a mask.
Excellent place and fast loading thank
Michelle T.
Very organized 🙂
Jerry V.
Melinda G.
Alonzo and his team, Thank you for reworking that beer load for me and Trucking AEG, LLC I appreciate the promptness and the immediate acceptance of my load to rework and get us at a legal weight limit.Thank you
Vicente L.
Bruce B.
Nikki S.
roxberg R.
John P.
Daniel C.
Hugo A.
Overnight parking,fast unload.
Ty'z W.
gerardo P.
Bizzi B
Super Fast!
Michael H
No over time
Jimmy L.
Always unloaded in a timely manner. Great people
Hoke H.
in and out quick bud forklift guy was rude he act like he own the place
Gregory C.
ਸ਼ੁਰਿੰਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਬ.
They charge $50 if you come late than your appointment
By appointment 15 minutes early is okay. Driver tried to chk in 2hrs early no other truck unloading at time would not get him unloaded till 15 minutes before set appointment.35 min unloading time once started.Parking in front lot.
Islom N.
Appointment only. If you missed it 50 come checkI came 1 day before appointment they didn’t take the load
Anh Huy P.
nice shipping
Bisorvy B.
Donald G.
Samuel Y.
w c
Appointment needed, but will load early if not busy. I was in and out in less than a hour. Backing into docks can be tight if other trucks are there. Ladies in shipping and receiving very friendly.
Mike R.
Koce A.
Decent unloading time and there are few spots in front to park overnight which is nice. They have several warehouses on this street and some of them are difficult to back into when other trucks are backed in. By appointment only
Jamal H.
Calvin G.
Jerel M.
Todd R.
Yvonne R.
Darren G.
Donnett J.
Monique D.
desmond G.
Eddie S.
Lisa M.
I use Laney & Duke Logistics for fulfill orders for my culinary stock. Im pleased to say they perform an essential role for by business and I was pleased to have been recommended to them and now to recommend them.
Mark F.
Great company, great advice and great service!
Erik B.
This place is awesome for warehousing services.