In the shipping industry and logistics, drayage is defined as the transportation of goods over a short distance, often as part of a longer overall move, such as moving goods from a ship into a warehouse. It is typically completed in a single work shift. Defined as “a truck pickup from or delivery to a seaport, border point, inland port, or inter-modal terminal with both the trip origin and destination in the same urban area”.

Port drayage is the term used when describing short hauls from ports and other areas to locations close by. Drayage is an important aspect of the shipment and transportation of items and materials to and from other means of transportation. The term drayage is also used for the fee paid for such services.

Drayage with Laney & Duke Logistics

Laney & Duke owns and operates a fleet of trucks and has teams specifically working within drayage. We will make sure your goods are in the right place by the right time to continue their journey.