Laney & Duke Logistics offer cross docking, warehousing, transportation, kitting, order fulfilment, pick and pack


A solid distribution center is the foundation of any good supply network. Not only do they act as storage for your products and goods, they expedite the delivery time by quickly distributing your goods to the consumers or companies that ordered them.

Distribution centers can also be seen as a production or manufacturing operation: goods arrive in bulk where they stored until needed and assembled into shipments. How efficient that simple process is greatly effects the final price of the product delivered to the customer. This price variable is based on reduced labor and inventory costs so spending a little more on a good distribution center will save you money in the long term.

Perhaps the only thing more crucial to the order fulfillment process is proper management of that distribution center. The best distribution center in the world doesn’t do you any good if customers are constantly receiving the wrong item, or receiving it late.

With the a large distribution center receiving on average more than ten thousand truckloads each year, proper management and space is needed to keep everything working nice and neat.


That’s where we step in. Laney & Duke offers over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of outstanding product warehousing in Jacksonville, FL for distribution services, coupled with our amazing warehouse management. Why spend your capital and invest in unwanted assets to create your own distribution center? Laney & Duke offer those distribution services for you complete with qualified employees and management to make sure your company runs smoothly.

We operate several distribution centers in Jacksonville, FL for very notable and successful companies, and we’re just waiting to start working for yours. Let us prove to you that we can run your facility not only cost effectively, but dependably as well.

Our purpose is to provide a total distribution service tailored to the marketing needs of our customers, in a company environment which gives our customers and our people an opportunity for personal growth and satisfaction.