Working with an order fulfillment service company is a key step to growing your business. The fulfillment provider you choose to represent your company is going to reflect on your business’s image.

Unfortunately, that reflection isn’t always positive. The product ships late? Your company takes a hit. The wrong order was sent out? Your company takes a hit. These simple mistakes grow and feed the image that your company has a poor reputation with order fulfillment and hurts your company in the long run. At the other end of the spectrum, a good fulfillment provider will improve your business’s image through quality customer care, reliable service, and product accountability.

Working with a good order fulfillment service company allows you to focus on sales and marketing instead of doing everyday tedious job of packing and shipping orders; but choose wisely.

  • Choose an order fulfillment service company that cares. For a logistics provider, this requires near-flawless integration with a retailer to pull off effectively. Your company is to make the retailer look good in the eyes of the customer, and be quicker than their major competitor. This process goes beyond assimilating with a retailer’s eCommerce page or shopping cart and becoming more of an extension of that larger business.
  • EDI Compliance. Does you require an order fulfillment services company that is EDI compliant? One of the most important services a 3PL provider can provide is a seamlessly exchange information via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). The 3PL provider also must be ERP & eCommerce EDI compliant.
  • Plan ahead. Utilizing a full-service 3PL solution provider can steady your business to meet daily challenges and smooth out the gaps in your supply chain. Every business deals with countless moving parts that are both within and outside of its control in the supply chain. Anything that can help you predict what’s coming, or even just a piece of the business you can count on from day-to-day, feels like a break from the storm. With weather, labor shortages, equipment failures, production lags and everything else that can go wrong, the only real question to answer is “Can our logistics function withstand a crisis?”


For eighty years Laney & Duke has warehousing distribution services; We have been fulfilling the warehousing, distribution, order fulfillment and transportation needs of some the world’s most successful companies. In 1929 the logistics business was much less complicated. We started with a handful of people in one building with simple tools, before the invention of forklifts and pallets. It was during the Great Depression which made for a rocky start, but we were committed and we prevailed. Throughout the years the industry has changed enormously, and we’ve grown with it.