Cross-docking is a flexible operations arrangement between firms that involves multiple suppliers arriving at a designated time at the handling facility where inventory receipts are sorted and consolidated into outbound trailers for direct delivery to the customer. Cross-docking is typically used to avoid storage and materials handling. Mass merchants in the retail industry using cross-dockingreceive store-specific assortments and are able to maintain continuous inventory replenishment without having to hold large stocks of inventory.

Laney & Duke offers everything you need for cross-docking services in Jacksonville, FL including drayage to and from the Jacksonville ports. Whether it’s stripping full trailer loads or trans-loading onto overseas containers or stripping full container loads for domestic delivery, Laney & Duke has you covered. No matter your shipment or needs, Laney & Duke can meet your unique supply chain requirements.

Benefits of Cross-docking

  • Allows the efficient consolidation of products.
  • Decreases inventory levels due to elimination of storage.
  • Enables faster product flow by eliminating “dwell”.
  • Enables more frequent deliveries.
  • Decreases inventory
  • Decreases inventory obsolescence due to reduced inventory and faster product flow.
  • Decreases labor requirements and costs due to decreased material handling through elimination of put-away to storage and order picking.
  • Decreases inventory damage costs due to less material handling.
  • Supports businesses Just in Time strategy.
  • Accelerates payments to suppliers.
  • Improves the relations with the supply chain partners.

Let Laney & Duke handle your cross-docking needs in Jacksonville FL to truly see how this tool can help you maximize the efficiency of your operation. Call today for a quote.