Pick and pack is a straightforward logical approach to fill your customers orders utilizing a minimum number of steps in order to expedite the shipment. Essentially, this strategy calls for receiving a customer order at the warehouse level, picking & packing the items required to fill the order, and immediately processing & scheduling shipping. In order to make the process as cost efficient as possible, many companies partner with a 3PL company that uses replenishment logic software that can readily identify and locate specific products within the warehouse allowing warehouse employees to quickly pick & pack the items needed to complete an order.

Much like other features and services within the shipping industry, pick and pack services is exactly what it sounds like: processing packages, disassembling their contents and reassembling them with correct shipping labels.

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The success of the pick and pack approach depends heavily on the organization of the warehouse space and observance of specific procedures that are designed to expedite the order fulfillment process. Most 3PL companies make use of technology to manage the process. This includes the use of software programs to track inventory, prepare shipping lists, and create invoices for the filled orders. In some cases, automated systems also handle the process of interacting with shippers to schedule pickups as soon as the order is ready, a feature that can often help to reduce the lag time between the preparation of the package and getting the order on the way to the customer.

Laney & Duke processes over 5,000,000 pick and packs per year in Florida, so without exaggeration we can say that one of our specialties is handling medium to large pick and pack operations for many companies.

With this many packages going through our distribution and warehouse facilities annually, we have the required knowledge and experience needed to run a smooth operation with highly efficient practices and consistent results. Each pack that comes to our distribution facilities goes through two checks for accuracy. This “double check” policy helps guarantee that our pick and pack services are second to none.

We can also help create pick paths that minimize the travel distance for your order, which in turn helps reduce your costs.

For more information about our pick and pack logistic services please call today and put your company on the path to reduce costs and increased profits.