In 1929, during the Great Depression Laney & Duke made a resolution to provide cost-saving solutions custom designed for our customer’s needs. Throughout the years the industry has changed enormously, and we’ve grown with it and continue to make new resolutions each year.

As with most New Year resolutions, they can only benefit you if you keep them. If you do, they will help you implement cost-saving logistics management strategies that will provide greater profits for your business. Most people make New Year’s resolutions, but the vast majority fail to uphold those pledges – either out of laziness or forgetfulness. While resolutions may be a bit overrated, the idea of establishing some sort of goal for the year, especially as a business owner or manager, is a noble effort. Although you’re bound to think of some of your own resolutions, here are some topics to consider for making a resolution for your logistic and supply chain management efforts.

1. Outsource Your Warehousing Needs

When it comes to the shipping industry, infrastructure plays a huge role in being successful. You need the facilities to house your goods between shipping destinations and without it, you’re going to pay more for transportation expenses. From building materials to food products, everything has to eventually be stored. Luckily, Laney & Duke has the knowledge and experience to help you get the job done with our product warehousing services.

2. Implement Cross-docking

Cross-docking is a flexible operations arrangement between firms that involves multiple suppliers arriving at a designated time at the handling facility where inventory receipts are sorted and consolidated into outbound trailers for direct delivery to the customer. Cross-docking is typically used to avoid storage and materials handling. Mass merchants in the retail industry using cross-docking receive store-specific assortments and are able to maintain continuous inventory replenishment without having to hold large stocks of inventory.

3. Start an Order Fulfillment Program

Order fulfillment services, in the broadest definition, involves all of the steps from receiving a customer’s order until completion of that order. This involves business-to-business (B2B) orders and direct-to-consumer (D2C) orders. Let Laney & Duke handle your Order Fulfillment needs in Jacksonville to truly see how this tool can help you maximize the efficiency of your operation.

4. Consider a Kitting Service

Kitting, or display assembly services as it might be called, involves the packing together of various items to supply the customer with a single unit. Instead of shipping three different packages from your warehouse, you’re now combining all separate items into one package for its final destination. By shipping fewer total parcels, you greatly reduce the risk of shipping errors you might face. One package is also easier to ship than three so you will save on transportation fees and any storage fees you might encounter.

5. Partner with a 3PL company

Do you have a unique 3PL logistical challenge? Are you frustrated with the results you’ve achieved in the past? Are you tired of having to piece together logistical services from a variety of vendors? Give us a call at (904) 798-3500 or contact us here. We love a challenge. We’ll eliminate those disappointments, and provide the right mix of services, managed by experienced personnel, to deliver cost-saving logistics management that will provide greater profits for your business.